Why Branding Matters

Why Branding Matters

This is a simple concept that gets overlooked, but it’s a question burning in the back of everyone’s minds. “Why does branding matter?” This is a totally reasonable question. At Certain Marketing, we offer both branding and marketing services, but there is a distinction between the two. So, to start, let’s make sure we understand the difference between Branding and Marketing.


Branding is the constant motivation, goal, and template for all of the content created for your business. You color palette, logo design, layout for your printables, social media design, website design, and more are all a part of your brand. At the same time though, your customer service, reputation, the language you use, and work culture are also part of your brand.

Marketing is putting your brand to work, making all of these things work cohesively in an advertising environment to bring you customers and money. This includes things like strategized marketing campaigns on social media, print ads and billboards, email lists, and blogs.

Of course you need both of these to make your business profitable, and it’s much easier to find both in the same place. For the sake of this post though, let’s just talk about branding and why it matters, or why it should matter, to YOU.


Your brand needs a goal. Plain and simple. Businesses and people, without a goal in mind, will fail. Part of the branding process is working to establish healthy goals. This can range from social media engagement to desired amounts of revenue. In assessing these goals the objective of the brand and the target audience will become clear, and allow the branding specialist to help you make your brand work for you.


This section is definitely a large and significant part of the initial branding process. This includes assessing and possibly redesigning of logos, colors, websites, and anything else that points back to your business. The goal is two-fold: Keep the message and image consistent, and focus on the goals from earlier. When every graphic, video, and piece of information on your website screams “Your Brand” the message comes across differently and resonates effectively. This only occurs when your business is branded effectively. Otherwise, you fall victim to customers who are “price-shopping” or “just browsing”. It’s not enough for your business design to be “eye-catching” (any 12-year-old with an internet connection can do that). You have to point your design from the customers needs, back to your goals.


This is the long-term engagement portion of branding, and is absolutely the most significant. If you want customers, in any industry, they want to see one thing. Consistency. Whether it’s in posting, product quality, or in your customer service interactions it is imperative that your customers know you are in it for them. This is mirrored in things like the language you use when posting. For example, if you sell face cream, and your target audience is women ages 45-60 you might share an amazing graphic talking about the added benefits of moisturizing. But, let’s say you give that to your “social media manager” who is also your 14-year-old assistant/daughter and she gives it a caption saying something to the effect of, “Yeet those wrinkles right off your face! #foroldladies”. Your graphics and language are not in sync, so your message is confusing. Make no mistake, the language you use and the personality of your business are just as important (and often more so) than the billboards you use or whether to use trifold or bifold brochures.

Don’t let your message get lost and confused on it’s way to your clients. Reach out now for a free consultation for your brand!


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