Social Media

Our bread and butter. We work directly with you to plan, create, and manage high-quality social media content. With our in-house video/photo team, we curate exceptional content that will elevate you above your competitors.

Website Design

Websites are the face of your business. Our websites custom-made for you and are integrated with SEO elevating you above your competition.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team has over 20 years of experience working with national brands. Whether it's a logo, branding, custom graphics, or a complete redesign, we are ready for your project!

Video Production and Photography

Our Video and Photo team have worked on high-level projects including Commercials, Social Media Content, Real Estate, Music Videos, Animation, Editing, Event Coverage, Corporate Photography, Head Shots, Brand Content, and more.

Email Marketing

We write the email content, develop the layout and send it off in a research driven time frame. We working with you to gain more subscribers as well!

Public Relations

We work on crisis communication campaigns, rebuilding negative public image as well as reinforcing positive public image and morale through digital and print communications.



We know how it feels to hold your breath when someone asks “how’s your business going?” So we’re here to make sure when that happens, you can smile and have confidence to answer because you have us.


In-House Team

All of your content and execution is taken care of under one roof! Cutting out the middle-man ensures top-quality work is done while maintaining your consistent brand image.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Our team brings to the table many years of experience working with high-level clients from all over the country.

Personalized Experience

You don't get lost in a ``sea of clients.`` Clear, quick communication along with frequent email and phone call updates ensure you always feel heard, understood, and your goals are being met.

Brick and Mortar

Want to meet in person? Us too! We have a studio in downtown Lake Charles, LA. Let's schedule a time to meet, discuss your marketing needs, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee!

Make people notice, like, and choose your business forever.

Our Team

Get to know who makes the magic happen.

Lodden Hixson Harp

Marketing Director & Owner

Dakota Harp

Director of Video Production & Photography

Proven Growth

Goals are important to us and our clients. Whether it’s to increase sales, build relationships with ideal customers, or magnify awareness of your business, we take each goal seriously and work diligently to meet and exceed expectations in a realistic timeline.

Let's Work Together

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What media you use tells us a lot about you ideal customer

Whether it’s social media, websites, print, billboards, commercials, or a combination, we work hard to pinpoint exactly where your ideal client(s) are to target them appropriately.

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Save time while growing your business

Have confidence in your marketing strategy

Hiring Certain Marketing can save you hundreds of hours allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Past clients have said “Not only is your marketing top-notch, but I feel like we’re finally doing something right.” If we work together, I’m sure you’ll say the same thing too.

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